TSA and Sailors for the Sea are proud to partner for a future of Clean Regattas and Healthy Texas Waters
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TSA Clean Regattas

With events throughout the year and across the state, TSA can make a big impact. Each event is encouraged to register as a Clean Regatta and find their own way to contribute in a way that fits with that unique venue.

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Step By Step for Event Chairs

We can do this!  And the team at Lake Canyon Yacht Club has made it easy.  Find the LCYC guide to a Clean TSA Regatta here.

1. Register your TSA event at Sailors for the Sea

2. Choose a focus or something you’d like sailors to understand about your water.

3. Let Marie Wise know what you are doing . . . . We’ll help get the word out.

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Check out these resources for more information
Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas

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The TSA Green Team