US SAILING Rules 70, 71, and Appendix F cover the Appeals Procedure. Any party to a protest may appeal a decision of a Protest Committee by mailing a notice of appeal to the US SAILING not later than 15 days after receiving the protest committee’s written decision. The notice must contain the grounds for the appeal along with the particulars described in Appendix F.

Note that appeals must be made solely on the interpretation or application of the Rules. The Appeals Committee shall accept the Protest Committee’s finding of fact except when it feels that there is insufficient information. It may request additional information or call for the Protest Committee to rehear the protest.

The Appeals Committee will notify all parties to the protest that an appeal has been filed. The Protest Committee shall supply the particulars called for in Appendix F that were not supplied by the appellant. Note: A diagram endorsed by the Protest Committee is normally required. Observations on the appeal by the Protest Committee or any of the parties to the protest may be submitted. Obviously, it is desirable to have the most complete information possible – and to reach fully informed decisions on appeals promptly. The Protest Committee should make every attempt to provide all relevant information in a timely fashion.

The TSA appeal filing fee is $25.00 for US SAILING members and $75.00 for non-members. A check made payable to Texas Sailing Association (including your US Sailing membership number if applicable) must accompany the appeal. The appeal will not be heard unless payment has been enclosed. All documents should be submitted in an 8-1/2″x11″ format. Rules, US SAILING Appeals, and ISAF Cases should be cited by number and short quotation. All parties are to observe the requirements of Appendix F. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in delays and/or additional fees for duplications.

A committee with thorough knowledge of the Rules is assembled. Usually all members are US SAILING Certified Judges. They review all information presented. They may ask for further information or return the case to the Protest Committee for a re-hearing. Usually, they reach a decision either to overturn or uphold the Protest Committee’s action. In any case, the findings are communicated in writing to all parties to the protest.

Appeals should be mailed to:
US SAILING Appeal Process
PO Box 1260
Portsmouth, RI 02871-0907
Attn: Race Administration Director