In coordination with US Sailing, Texas Sailing Association encourages quality race events by providing access to certified judges and race officials. The association also sponsors race management and judge seminars throughout the year.

In 1982, US SAILING introduced its Senior Race Officer recognition program. The Club Race Officer program followed in 1988. These programs were designed to recognize qualified race officers throughout the country and to promote quality race management. The Race Management Committee established qualifications, and recognition was granted for the lifetime of the individual.

In 1994, US SAILING introduced an additional program to certify highly qualified race officers – people who were capable of running any level of regatta. These certifications were for four year terms, and renewable. At the end of 1998, there were 31 Certified Principal Race Officers.

In 1998, a working group was formed to recommend a comprehensive program of race officer training and certification. The current program has three levels: Certified Club Race Officer, Certified Regional Race Officer, and Certified National Race Officer. All appointments are for four-year terms, and are renewable. In addition to meeting criteria similar to those of the prior programs, participants in the new program must attend a qualified seminar and demonstrate their knowledge of race management rules and procedures by passing a test. The seminar and test requirements must be met for initial certification and for re-certification. All race officers that are certified under the new program will be covered under US Sailing’s general liability insurance. This benefit can be provided because the new programs include specific terms rather than lifetime appointments, and because the programs include training and some objective measurement of each individual’s knowledge.